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Bonnie the Cat

Bonnie the Cat

Bonnie is a cat. She is Joel’s cat. She often gets taken by Danni. Bonnie has a tie and white socks. She was found by Joel in September 2016, where she had been left on her own. But is now really happy moving to Bognor Regis and can’t wait to meet everyone. Her hobbies include: sleeping, eating, sleeping, playing and more sleeping.

Favourite colour: Purple (The Colour Of Whiskers Food)

Favourite food: Whiskas

Favourite singer: Catty Perry

Favourite drink: Milk (Shaken, not stirred)

Favourite TV show: Postman Pat (she likes Jess)

Favourite film: Cats and Dogs

Favourite comedian: Jimmy Catt

Favourite quote:

“Meow.” – Jess The Cat

Claim to fame: Looks like Jess the Cat from Postman Pat

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