It appears that some owners are not satisfied with the advice we have been given by the BH&HPA with regards to Site Fees and are insisting on a response.

Riverside, like everyone in this turbulent time, are waiting on the government to start releasing the lockdown in anticipation of some sort of normality returning.

When this will apply to holiday parks or tourism in general, is an unknown quantity.

As none of us know when this will end, we as a firm are trying to keep the Park readied for any sign of reopening and are carrying out maintenance and repair schedules continuously.

As most people can appreciate maintaining a park costs a considerable amount.

We would like owners to be aware that the Site Fees are paid in respect of the base for the caravan and for the maintenance and infrastructure of the park.

The amenities (Bar, Club and Arcade) are self-funding.

Therefore the park is solely reliant at the moment on the remainder of the Site Fees to maintain the park and pitches and to make sure that the park is able to reopen after lockdown.

Apart from the furloughs and the business rates (which isn’t in the form of a rebate), we have received little or no assistance.

We are still waiting on our insurance company to confirm that we may get some reparation from them, in respect of interruption to business, and if so, when!

Anything we do receive in way of recompense from the government or insurance we will anticipate passing onto our owners.

In the meantime, as no one has any idea how long the lockdown will last, or what reparations may come our way.  We ask that any owners still owing on their account, settle their Site Fees as per their license agreement.

We are very reasonable, anyone experiencing financial difficulty with this should contact us immediately and we can come to an arrangement with them, as we understand these are uncertain and trying times.

Unfortunately, point-blank refusal to pay is in breach of your Site License and all that it entails.

Finally, we would like to say that never, at any point, has Riverside gained or profited financially or otherwise from this pandemic and never will do, as has been insinuated by certain owners.