We are finally coming closer to reopening and with that in mind, we believe now is the time to advise you of the compensation that we are giving our loyal owners.

After numerous discussions with the council, we are happy to reveal that;

– If you are on an 8-month plot you will be allowed to stay until January 2nd.

– If you are on a 10-month plot you will be able to stay until March 1st – at which time the new season will start.

This will be free to anyone who has been unable to use their van during the pandemic and a nominal fee will be paid by those who have isolated with us and wish to take up this offer.

As you may have heard, we have been exempt from business tax for this time therefore we will be dividing this amount between every caravan plot and will credit this to your account.

We have a new barrier system that allows us much stricter security for our owners and , once lockdown eases and you are allowed back, we will issue you with a new barrier card.

Please make sure your account has been brought up to date.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon for a fantastic extended season.

Thank you.